Outlook 2013


Outlook 2013


2 Days
5th and 6th May 2017
From 3 PM : 7 PM

Requirements before you study this program:

1- Good Knowledge for MS windows
2- Please bring your laptop at the time of the training, and be sure to install Outlook 2013.

Program outcomes:

By the end of the program, the participants will be able to:

•    Send & receive emails
•    Manage email folders
•    Manage address book
•    Using Calendar
•    Use advanced features


•    Getting to Know Outlook

o    All about Outlook
o    Setting up Outlook

•    Sending and Receiving Email

o    Mail View
o    Fonts, hyperlinks, and spell check
o    The ins and outs of BCC
o    Sending emails
o    Doing more with mail
o    Send and open attachments
o    Recall and replace sent messages

•    Organizing and Managing Email

o    Using categories
o    Applying rules
o    Keeping your messages organized

•    Managing Contacts

o    Contacts view
o    Adding contacts
o    Doing more with contacts

•    Collaborating with Calendars

o    Add holidays to your calendar
o    Sharing calendars
o    Scheduling meetings
o    Using Schedule view

•    More features

o    Control spam
o    Send automatic replies when you’re out of the office
o    Create or delete a search folder
o    Group and view email in your inbox
o    Import and export vCards to Outlook contacts
o    Templates and stationery
o    Track email with read receipts
o    Use voting buttons to create or respond to polls
o    Archive or back up your mailbox
o    Password protect your mailbox


Egyptian Council, Dokki

Registration fee:

400 LE instead of 600 until 3rd of May 2017

Registration fee including:

Attending the Course
Coffee Break
Attendance certificate

For registration:

37 Mosadak St, floor# 6 - Dokki, Giza - Egypt.
Tel: +2 (010) 2048 3878
Mob:+2 (010) 2048 3878
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.