Project Management Professional

كورس إدارة المشروعات
من خلال هذا الكورس سوف تقوم بتعلم النواحي العملية لإدارة أي مشروع والتحكم في الموارد المتاحة سواء كانت بشرية أو مادية وإدارتها بطريقة عملية وفعالة لخروج المشروع في التوقيت المحدد له والتكلفة الموضوعة له في مرحلة الدراسة.
المحاضر في هذا الكورس
-          مهندس ناجي سعد (مدير المشروعات في أورانج مصر)

Course Description:

Project management has been proven to be the most effective method of delivering products within cost, schedule, and resource constraints. This intensive and hands-on course gives participants the skills to ensure their projects are completed on time and on budget while giving the user the product they expect.
In addition, participants will be well prepared to take the PMP exam.

Course Contents:

The course covers the Ten Knowledge Areas of the PMBOK®
Guide fifth edition along with the associated 47 management processes.
These processes are used throughout the Initiating, Planning,
Executing, Controlling and Monitoring and Closing process groups of developing the deliverable for a project.

Course Schedule:

The PMP course will be:
- 10 sessions for the PMP Course, (plus 3 extra session optional with extra fees for the MS Project).
- One day a week: Fridays.
- Starting Thursday 20th of October 2017 and ending 17th of November 2017.
- Sessions will be from 10:00 AM till 5:00 PM.

Project Life Cycle
Scope Management
Time Management
Cost Management
Quality Management
HR Management
Communication & SH Management
Risk Management
Procurement Management
Integration Management
Exam Registration & Tips

Extra sessions (optional)
MS Project 01
MS Project 02
MS Project 03


Egyptian Council, Dokki

Registration fee:

The “PMP” Course fee is 1500 LE,
The “PMP + MS Project” Course fee is 2,500 LE

Registration fee including:

- Hardcopy material of the course slides, PMP summaries and Flashcards.
- Notes and Pens.
- On-going Coffee Break.

For registration:

Egyptian Council for Training & Development
37 Mosadak St, Dokki - Giza, Egypt.
Tel: +2 (02) 3748 7742
Fax: +2 (02) 3748 7742
Mob: +2(010) 2048 3878
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