Logistics and Supply Chain Certificate

The course aims to give an overview of key areas of Supply Chain Management (SCM) with focus on the strategic role of a supply chain, the key strategic drivers of supply chain performance.

Course Outline:

  • the strategic role of a supply chain,
  • the key strategic drivers of supply chain performance,
  • Analytic methodologies for supply chain analysis.

Basics of SCM

  • Overview and Introduction
  • SC Decision Fields

Designing the SC structure

  • Basics and Methods of SC Design
  • Design of Distribution Networks
  • Risk Management and Supply Chain Design

Planning Demand and Supply in SCs

  • Demand Forecasting
  • Demand & Supply Planning

Inventory Management and Transportation

  • Inventory Management and Lot sizing
  • Inventory Management and Safety Stocks
  • Transportation Systems

Inter-firm Management of SCs

  • SC Coordination by Contracts
  • Management Concepts for SC Collaboration