Interpersonal Communication Workshop

Interpersonal Communication Workshop

Interpersonal Communication Workshop



2 training days.
13th and 14th of January 2017.
From 4 pm to 9 pm.


In every organization, effective communication is essential both internally amongst employees at every level, and externally to its business and personal customers.
Every organization needs to get the best out of its people. Being able to get the best out of others, means exercising people skills. There is now a need for the very highest level of people skills - a need many organizations would previously have considered unnecessary. This means having individuals that are skilled in getting the best out of others.
An individual’s style has a huge influence on a team, peers, managers, and above all, the client. You must be able to communicate with confidence in order to instil confidence in others.
This Workshop gives all participants the professional skills to understand the others’ behavior when communicate to be able to select the appropriate communication tool and channel to communicate with them effectively and also to discover ourselves and what are the elements that motivate us to communicate with others efficiency?

Who Should Attend?

Junior employees at the organizations and all whom want to improve their communication skills in personal and professional life.


-    Introduction to Communication.
-    Deference between Communication skills and advanced communication skills.
-    Communication Process.
-    Communication Elements.
-    Verbal Vs non-verbal Communication.
-    The Body Language.
-    Types of Input.
-    The filters and how to affect the communication.

•    Value.
•    Beliefs.
•    Past Experiences.
•    Prejudices.
•    Feelings.

-    The 3 representation systems.

•    Visual Representation system.
•    Kinesthetic representation system.
•    Auditory representation system.


Greek Campus, Bab El Louk

Registration fee:

750 LE instead of 1000 LE until 8th of January 2017.

Registration fee including:

- Attending the workshop.
- Coffee break.
- Attendance certificate
- Bloc note and Pen
- Soft copy material on a CD.

For registration:

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