Marketing Strategies and Plans Workshop


2 Days
18th and 19th March 2018
From 10am : 5pm

Workshop Summary:

This workshop provides attendees with solid experience in creating market-driven and market –driving strategies for the future success of a business.

A focus is on discovering and developing a set of techniques for a company that , through differentiation, leads to sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Attendees will have the opportunity to develop and practice creative problem solving and decision-making skills to simulate the requirements of today’s complex market environment.

Industry analysis, internal and external analysis, customer analysis, market analysis , and comparative strategy assessment.


  • Management & strategy
  • Aligning marketing strategy with the company strategy.
  • Using strategic tools to: understand, analyze and build a competitive marketing strategy.
  • Applying;

    :SWOT & TOWS analysis.
    :BCG Matrix
    :GE Matrix
    :Red Ocean & Blue ocean
    :ANSOF Matrix
    :Cases & Applications
  • Build your own company marketing strategy.
  • Presenting and evaluating strategies.


Egyptian Council, Dokki

Registration fee:

950 LE instead of 1200 until 11th of March 2018

Registration fee including:

•    Attending the workshop.
•    Coffee break & Light Lunch
•    Attendance certificate.
•    Printed Material & Notes
•    Pens

For registration:

37 Mosadak St, floor# 6 - Dokki, Giza - Egypt.
Tel: +2 (010) 2048 3878
Mob:+2 (010) 2048 3878
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