About Us

Who We Are:

ECTD - Egyptian Council for Training & Development is an educational organization based in Egypt started its activities in July 2013; we aim to improve and develop personal skills and academic knowledge of the Egyptian in a variety of business areas, so as to prepare them for the professional labor market by providing high quality, affordable, and accessible education, with programs led by the best lecturers from the largest universities and educational entities in Egypt.


•             Enhancing the strengths of individuals through certificate, and lifelong learning programs.

•             To make quality education affordable and accessible to everyone in Egypt.

Why We Are Here:

ECTD - Egyptian Council for Training & Development Is here for the community, offers a variety of educational programs with best quality and distinguished instructors at low costs to the Egyptian community.

Our Programs:

Business and Management Courses:

ECTD provides a number of short courses in business and management, designed to equip you with subject specific skills that you may need at different times in your career and to assist with your professional development.

Training Programs:

•             Management

•             Soft Skills

•             Marketing

•             Sales

•             Logistics and Supply Chain

•             Finance and Accounting

•             Human Resources

English Language Programs

ECTD Studying at ECTD will improve your English language skills before you start your academic studies, or before you start building your career. We offer a range of English programs - General English, Conversation, business English, to meet your needs and help you to achieve your goals.

Egyptian Council For Training & Development - ECTD.

37 Mosadak St, Dokki - Giza, Egypt.

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Fax: +2 (02) 3748 7742
Mob: +2(010) 2048 3878
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