Marwa Sadek

Co-Founder and Managing Director of 20 Uses Integrated Marketing
Co-Founder at Gamers' Lobby the first game marketing solution in the Middle East
Co-Founder at ZeeBeanz a B2B beanbag production company
Co-Founder at 101 Programs, an alternative education project aiming to support homeschooling

Marwa Sadek is an integrated marketing expert who has been connecting people and products through integrated approaches for more than a decade. With experience in a diversity of industries and business sizes she is able to create creative marketing solutions for almost any type of product or service. Marwa believes that the best way to transfer knowledge is through applying concepts rather than just learning what's in the books and that's how she conducts all her workshops or training sessions. Inspired by that belief Marwa has been mentoring startups for the past 3 years and has contributed to the launch and outreach of many of them.